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All about Botox treatments at Esqué

Background on Botox

There is a growing belief among women that cosmetic procedures such as Botox Injections are not just for the vain or wealthy few but are a safe and regular adjunct to their regular beauty routine.Botox is a treatment derived from a purified form of a toxin released by the botulinum bacterium. When injected in a diluted form the toxin has a localized effect freezing the nearby muscles. Since the 50's, the relaxing effect that Botox has over the muscles has led to its use for the treatment of muscular spasms of cerebral palsy sufferers, squint, facial ticks, and muscular stiffness of Parkinson's disease. Since the discovery in the 90's of the ability of Botox to make wrinkles disappear, it has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for wrinkles, leading it to being call "The magic treatment for wrinkles". Its effects can be seen sometimes immediately, bringing back to the face the fresh radiant look of a foregone youth.Wrinkles are caused by different factors, among them damage from the sun radiation and facial muscular activity. In some cases, the muscles are so strong that they form pleats on the skin leading to premature wrinkles. If some of these deep wrinkles are in areas like the forehead in between the eyes, they can be interpreted as the manifestation of negative emotions like anger, frustration or inability to cope. Botox therapy is excellent for eliminating the grimacing, giving a more relaxed and positive image. These days, when to look old is a disadvantage, it is not surprising that people are queuing up to get rid of their wrinkles!

Who can perform the procedure? 

The Botox treatment has an excellent safety record; it should be administered by a doctor or nurse trained in the particular field of facial injectables as good results depend on the injection being given at the right place in the right amounts.  All nurses must be able to prescribe so it's always important to check their credentials.

How is the treatment carried out & how long does it take?

The treatment involves injections with a tiny needle to the affected area. The actual procedure lasts about 10 minutes but the longest part of the treatment will be the medical consultation and consent form. You should allow around 40 minutes for your first botox appointment with Tinkable.

How long after treatment before I see results & how long do the effects last?

The results from your treatment will be gradual, taking full effect over a period of time lasting anywhere between 2 to 21 days. The effect lasts from 3-6 months. 

What areas can be treated?

Botox can be used to treat horizontal forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines. In recent years Botox have also been used for excessive perspiration in armpits, hands and feet with very good results. Most Botox users are women but men are catching up.

Who cannot have Botox?

There are few contraindications to Botox treatment but the obvious ones are pregnancy and breastfeeding. A very careful consultation is carried out prior to treatment to ensure clients are suitable for the procedure. The results obtained are highly rewarding for most patients when they see the astonishing results of the wrinkles vanishing without pain.

Is it painful?

No - the procedure is virtually painless due to the fine guage of the needle (it's very, very small!) and the miniscule amount of product injected.

How many treatments will I need?

A perfect result for the majority of people can be obtained in a single session. There are seldom cases where the first treatment did not achieve the effective, impressive results. However, once treated, longevity can be obtained with minor top ups.

What can go wrong?

Very little! However, as with any pharmaceutical product, there are potential side effects. Side effects that can occur are known to be extremely minor ie. possible initial reddening at the injection site and of a temporary nature.

Is there any aftercare?

At treatment, you will be given the personal mobile number for your consultant, who will be available on a 24 hour basis should you feel the need to seek further advice or post-treatment care. An aftercare sheet detailing all the most usual questions and advice will also be given, but there is nothing specific or unusual that is required after your treatment. Please do book in for a free consultation if you would like to find out more.