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Body Shaping


Body Consultation*

25 mins | off peak £25 / peak £25 / expert £25

*Redeemable against 'Pure Cryo' or 'Pure Shape' treatments booked at consultation.


Pure Cryo 'Fat Freezing' ©   

65 mins | off peak £145 / peak £155 / expert £175

Price is per placement and each placement is approximately 16 x 9 cm and  a Body Consultation is required before booking your first treatment.

This treatment uses 'Cryogenic Lipolysis*' to selectively freeze fat cells without harming any of the surrounding tissues. The body breaks down and eliminates the frozen cells resulting in a 20-40% reduction of fat cells in the treated area.  The procedure is very comfortable and during your treatment you can read, bring your laptop...or even grab forty winks!

*What is “Cryogenic Lipolysis”?  ... This is the correct and full medical term used to describe the Fat Freezing process we apply with our PureCryo treatments.  Please note that the term “cryolipolysis” is an abbreviated version of this medical term and has been registered as a trademark by the original manufacturers of Coolsculpting technology, Zeltiq Inc.


Pure Shape 'Body Sculpting' ©

25 mins | off peak £69 / peak £75 / expert £86

This can treat loose skin and cellulite over the entire body using the ultimate in non-invasive body sculpting technology. Price is per area and a consultation is required prior to treatment to discuss your personal programme.

The treatment is non-invasive & very comfortable to have. Treatment areas include; Thighs (front), Thighs (back), Arms, Tummy, Bum Lift & Love Handles.

How Does it Work?

Multipolar Radio Frequency generates heat in the subcutaneous layer causing existing collagen to contract delivering immediate tightening to the skin.  Radio Frequency also selectively breaks down old, inflexible collagen and also stimulates the regrowth of fresh, healthy & flexible collagen fibres.  With successive treatments, this cumulative effect will deliver long lasting results providing tighter, plumper & firmer skin.

Vacuum Massage works to lift the dermal tissues which relaxes old collagen & also stimulates blood circulation & lymphatic drainage, improving skin tone & texture.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) helps generate heat to aid the efficiency of Radio Frequency & also stimulates collagen production.

Dermal Roller Massage will lift & tone the skin and relax old collagen.

Will I need a course?

After one treatment you will see & feel an improvement in skin texture & firmness - perfect for a quick fix prior to a special occasion.

For long term results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments, one treatment every 2 weeks. (You don't need your treatments any sooner than this as the skin needs time to break down old collagen and start to replace with new.)