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Murad Clarifying Cleanser

Our Price:  £19.50(Inc. 20% VAT)

BRAND:  Murad
Skin type:  Problem skin



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Murad Clarifying Cleanser

What does it do?

Over 2 million users can’t be wrong! 92% of them experienced a reduction in blemish breakouts in just 3 days*

Here at Murad we know that blemishes can take over your life, ruining your self-confidence and making the most normal situation embarrassing and awkward. Plus red, angry skin can also be very sensitive or painful.

Murad’s Blemish range is guaranteed to transform your skin by healing and calming it, making it healthy and smooth. In fact 92% of users experienced a reduction in breakouts in just 3 days*.

What are blemishes – and how can you combat them?

We need the following for spots to develop:

• Over-production of oil (sebum)

• Dead skin cells

• Spot-forming bacteria

• Hormonal changes

When we eliminate these we eliminate spots. Spots are formed when dead skin cells get clogged up with excess oil, deep inside hair follicles. This enclosed “mini swamp” is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which multiply and create inflammation.

Salicylic Acid is a key ingredient in the Murad Blemish range. It’s oil soluble which means it penetrates deep into pores to give them a thorough clean. It rinses away dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria – everything which causes spots – meaning skin is left squeaky clean.

The Clarifying Cleanser contains Salicylic Acid in an encapsulated form, which means that treatment is continually released for hours, even after rinsing, to fight spots all day.


Suitable for twice daily use although sensitive skins might want to build up from once a day to twice a day.Wet hands and face with lukewarm water and squeeze a pea sized amount into your hands. With your fingers of one hand work into a lather in the palm of the other hand. Then rub palms together to cover both with in fine film of lather, and apply to face. Work into face, neck and chest with gentle circular movements, concentrating on particular areas of concern if necessary and avoiding the eye area.May be applied into the face for up to one minute for maximum results.Once complete, rinse the face, neck and chest repeatedly with fresh running lukewarm water, again avoiding the eye area, until all lather is removed and the skin feels clean and soft. Pat dry with a clean towel.Ideal for use over a basin or in the shower.


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