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Electrolysis - Hair Removal, Thread Veins & Skin Tags

Electrolysis Hair Removal

After more than 100 years, electrolysis is still the most popular treatment method for the permanent removal of particular hairs over small areas. Common treatment areas include the chin, eyebrows, upper lip and breast. Electrolysis treats each hair individually so you can book a 10 minute or 25 minute slot depending on the number of hairs requiring treatment. Multiple visits are required with the number varying from person to person but we're always here to help so feel free to book in for a consultation to find out more.

Consult / £12

10 mins - off peak £15 / peak £18 / expert £22

25 mins - off peak £24 / peak £26 / expert £29


Course of 6 x 10 mins | from £89.10                                                                                                                                                                              

Course of 6 x 25 mins | from £135


Advanced Electrolysis*

For the reduction or removal of facial thread veins, warts and skin tags.  

If you're unsure if it can be treated, just book in for a consultation and some friendly advice.

Consult - £12

10 mins - expert £35

25 mins - expert £59

* We may require a medical referral for some treatments and all new clients require an initial consultation.