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Facials & Anti-Ageing ... Genie

Genie is an exciting development in technology which gives better results, faster than any other non-surgical facelift. 

Genie Take Ten Facelift

20 mins | off peak £36 / peak £40 / expert £47  

Genie Take Ten is known as a personal trainer for your face! Not as witty and good looking as some personal trainers we've had the pleasure to meet, but gets the job done fast and with no effort needed from you....fantastic! It works by toning and improving the facial muscles for instant visible lift which can be retained with regular treatments.

As we get older our muscles shrink causing surrounding fat and tissue to take on a drooping appearance. With exercise and the right diet we can generally keep our bodies in shape but the facial muscles are more difficult to exercise!

When the facial muscles begin to shrink the drooping effect on the face can be very aging. By rebuilding the aging muscle mass to its previous state the face is fuller and benefits from a visible lift which can be retained with regular treatments. This full, healthier look also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The Genie Take Ten is a perfectly natural way to exercise facial muscles.

Because we are “power” building, a 10 minute treatment is sufficient to achieve all that is possible in one session. For 24 hours after a treatment the muscles are still working and re-generating themselves.

(Course of 10 available from £336.30 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)