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HD Brows: Eyebrow Artistry

Esqué is an approved HD Brow salon in Leamington Spa

HD Brows

40 mins | H1  -  off peak £39.99 / peak £42.99 / expert £44.99

Celebrity brow beauty is within your reach right here in Leamington Spa.  Now, thanks to the unique seven-step brow-shaping treatment, you too can have the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows.  From Hollyoaks to Hollywood, celebrities understand how important your brow shape is to your face...and that's why they're turning to HD Brows. As an approved HD Brow Salon we know HD Brows not only puts celebrity beauty within your reach, it is also very affordable.  But be warned - once you've tried this celebrity treatment, you'll love your new brows so much they'll be no turning back!  With the largest number of HD Brow Artisits here at Esqué you really are in good hands with staff who have done 1000's of them. You'll definitely get the ultimate celebrity experience!

Note: You will need to have a patch test prior to your appointment so please pop in at least 24 hours for a patch test prior to your appointment at our salon in Leamington Spa.

HD brows, leamington spa, warwickshireHD Brows: Fair (before and after)

HD Brows: Medium (before and after)

HD brows, warwickshireHD Brows: Dark (before and after)