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Hands & Feet Treatments

You're never fully dressed without a manicure and a pedicure - a professional nail treatment will boost health & wellness and make your nails look gorgeous.  Let the Esqué team totally pamper you and complete your fabulousness!  

TOP TIP: To get the best possible treatment, please arrive for your manicure or pedicure without polish on and also - don't forget your open toe shoes if you're having a pedicure!


Gelish Manicure OR Pedicure ©

40 mins | off peak £39 / peak £43 / expert £49  

File, buff, cuticle work and long lasting gel polish that can last 2-3 weeks.

(Course of 6 available from £221.40 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)


Gelish Removal ©

20 mins | off peak £12 / peak £14 / expert £18  

Gel polish should be removed correctly to avoid nail damage.  We can do this in salon or you can purchase a home removal kit.

(Course of 6 available from £70.20 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)


Express Manicure OR Pedicure ©

25 mins | off peak £19 / peak £22 / expert £26

An express file to shape the nails finished with professional polish or buffing.

(Course of 6 available from £110.70 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)


Esqué Manicure OR Pedicure ©

40 mins | off peak £30 / peak £33 / expert £38                                            

Perfect for those with limited time, this treatment tidies cuticles, shape nails and finishes with gleaming polish or natural buffing.

(Course of 6 available from £170.10 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)       


First Class Manicure OR Pedicure ©

55 mins | off peak £46 / peak £50 / expert £59                                             

Need more pampering?  This includes all you would expect from a first class treatment.  While you lie on one of our fabulous beds we use steamed towels to cleanse then carry out exfoliation, full nail and cuticle work followed by a relaxing massage and finishing with a gorgeous polish of your choice.

(Course of 6 available from £259.20 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)    


True Luxury Pedicure ©

70 mins | off peak £62 / peak £64 / expert £74                                                    

The ultimate indulgence when it comes to pedicures.  While your feet soak in a warm foot bath to soften hard skin and cuticles, enjoy a neck and shoulder pressure point massage followed by a full first class pedicure...why wouldn't you?

(Course of 6 available from £340.20 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off!)