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Massage & Wellbeing

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is RELAX!"

Esqué Customised Body Massage ©

Choose your treatment time... 

Choose Hydrotherm* or Conventional Massage...

Let us know where you want worked and away we go.  (Areas to choose from are: Back, legs,arms & hands, tummy, neck, shoulders and scalp or feet)

*What’s Hydrotherm? Well, we think it’s quite fabulous! ...Acknowledged as the World's first truly 3 dimensional massage system, you lie on special, warm water-filled pads that provide perfect spinal alignment during your treatment. It's perfect for every phase of life and it provides greater comfort & relaxation. During massage, Hydrotherm works with your body so we can target problem areas more effectively and there's no need to turn over as we work your entire body while you're lying on your back! Just relax as your therapist gives you one of the best massage experiences you'll ever have.

25 mins | off peak £28 / peak £30 / expert £36  

40 mins | off peak £38 / peak £43 / expert £50  

55 mins | off peak £50 / peak £55 / expert £65  

(Course of 6 x 25 mins available from £156.60 

Course of 6 x 40 mins available from £218.70 

Course of 6 x 55 mins available from £283.50

Remember ... Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)


Massage Upgrade ... treat yourself!

Hot Stones with Aroma Oil | £15


Esqué Signature Treat ©

70 mins | off peak £69 / peak £77 / expert £92

Our famous and exclusive Esqué Signature treatment gives you the perfect balance of face and body pampering; soothing massage over your back and shoulders plus pressure point scalp massage with hair stroking will relieve any aches or tension. Deep cleansing back exfoliation will remove dull, dead skin cells, helping to eliminate toxins, and then a nourishing facial treatment will feed your skin and relax your soul. 

(Course of 6 available from £394.20 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)


Mummy to be Massage*©

40 mins | off peak £40 / peak £45 / expert £53 (Back, Neck & Shoulder Pregnancy Massage)

65 mins | off peak £67 / peak £75 / expert £89 (Full Body Pregnancy Massage)

Our specially trained pregnancy massage therapists use a warm, supportive Hydrotherm massage system designed for ultimate comfort, relaxation & wellbeing for you and your baby. Please book early as availability may be limited.

*The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are a time to take extra care and follow all the advice your midwife gives you. There's a lot happening to you and your baby and because of this, we recommend you don't book any massage or holistic treatment until you are over this first trimester.

(Course of 6 x 65 min available from £383.40 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)


Indian Head Massage ©

40 mins | off peak £38/ peak £43 / expert £50

This calming massage to your scalp, neck, shoulders & upper back assists circulation & boosts the lymphatic system.  Energy levels will be rebalanced whilst stress & tension melt away.

(Course of 6 available from £218.40 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)


Esqué Ear Candling © 

25 mins | off peak £25/ peak £28 / expert £32

Extremely relaxing & successful in reducing stress, headaches & migraines, hearing impairment, hayfever & lack of balance.

(Course of 6 available from £143.10 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)


Dreamwave Massage Suite ©

25 mins | off peak £19/ peak £20

This superb treatment can deliver the same benefits as up to 4 massage therapists working on you at once - now that's impressive!  It uses the finest technology to identify muscular tension and ease it from your body using a variety of optional massage techniques.

(Course of 6 available from £105.30 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)


Dry Floatation ©

25 mins | off peak £19/ peak £20

50 mins | off peak £29/ peak £31

180 litres of warm water supports & envelops you as you float weightlessly without getting wet.  Calming  music, soft lights & gentle drifting remove all tension & stress.  This experience can give your body the same benefits as 4 hours of deep sleep!

(Course of 6 x 25 min available from £105.30 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)
(Course of 6 x 50min available from £162 - Elect Members get an EXTRA 10% off too!)



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