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We love you.. So remember to love yourself!

Friday, 5 February 2016  |  Admin



Senior Therapist Julie Wants To Remind You To Love Yourself!!!


We Love You...So Remember To Love Yourself!

Valentines day is just around the corner & everywhere you look there are gifts & cards for the person in your life who you love.  Whether or not you have a significant other, the person you should be celebrating Valentines Day with & appreciating the most is yourself.  Give yourself the gift of time!


Time! What time? I don’t have any time!  I hear you say!!!! We live in a fast paced life with deadlines to meet, friends to see, family to care for, children to look after, cleaning, cooking, shopping…..the list goes on.  We rush around everyday doing things for others & spending no time on ourselves.  How have we got into this situation and how good are we to others when we are frantically trying to climb this mountain we have built for ourselves?  We have let the pressures of life consume us & lost focus of the person we are – it’s time to make a change and here is why...



You're far more productive & a better person to those around you when you are not exhausted.  Time out will give you energy making family time fun & not a chore, you’ll conquer those work deadlines in half the time without all the mistakes and no longer will you be that uptight friend.  Removing the strains of life and having 'you time' will remove the wrinkles on your face.  It goes a little deeper than that though, when you relax, you give yourself permission to let go of worries for a while, it gives your mind & body time to recover.  Failing to recharge your batteries can impact on our mental health & is key to positive mental well being.  Giving yourself the gift of time does not mean that you are selfish, that you aren’t a good parent, that you don’t love your partner, nor is it something you should feel guilty about.  It means that you value yourself & in doing so you function better for those who need you

So it comes back to the time thing, how do we find the time?  It’s simple, make the time and plan ahead, even if it’s as little as one hour a month.  It’s 720 minutes of 'you time' each year.  Sound a lot?  It really isn’t.

  • 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year – 525,600 minutes a year
  • 525,600 – 720 = 524,880
  • It’s only 0.1369 % of your time

I’ll let you think about that!!!!!!!

Great, you’ve now committed to giving yourself some time out but don’t know what to have!!! Here are a few of my favorite treatments.....



Ok, I’ve got to be honest here, it’s not the most relaxing of treatments, but do I feel like a different person once I’ve removed all of the unwanted excess hair on my body?…..Hell yeah I do!  I no longer hide my pins behind an old pair of trousers, nor do I feel that my facial hair is ganging up on me & planning to take over the world!  I set my underarms free at the weekends & wave them in the air in a sexy sleeveless top.  Don’t let those pesky stragglers control your life, stop you from going for a swim because your bikini line is a bit unruly, or dictate to you what you can wear.  I walk into the salon like a tortoise that has been hiding in its shell & strut out like I’m a model on a catwalk, I feel confident again.

After a little bit of pain, there has got to be pleasure and this is where my two favorite relaxation treatments come in.  A facial and a pedicure.  WOW! Just WOW!  Life doesn’t get any better than this.



So it starts….I’m laying on the most comfortable bed that I have ever experienced, gentle music playing in the background, I'm warm & cosy dreaming that I'm on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves of the sea, it sounds bliss & it truly is.  My eyes are closed, I know what’s coming, the beautiful scent of the cleanser that is going to take away all the stresses of the day, the exfoliator to rid my skin of dead cells that make me look old and grey. I start to relax as expert hands massage my face………ZZZZZZZZ....sorry, that’s where I usually fall asleep! I know my skin has been fed with serums, masks & moisturisers & my shoulders massaged, not because my therapist tells me that, the mirror does when I see how luminous & fresh my skin is & because my shoulders are no longer living round my ears.... Hang about, I look down at my feet, they are no longer like trotters & are ready to flirt! They don’t ache anymore, I feel like I'm walking on the thickest freshly laid carpet, they're painted beautifully………my favorite.  All of this in just over an hour, miracles do happen – or am I just time savvy & have two treatments at the same time ;)



I’ve been in my own world for little over an hour & it’s a fun place to be.  I feel completely refreshed!  My face is fur free & glowing, my feet are dancing as I walk down the street, I’ve got my skip back in my step & life is amazing again – I can conquer anything!

Still thinking you don’t have time to treat yourself to a bit of you time?????

Julie x 

Esqué Senior Therapist