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I'm back...Nine months went so fast!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016  |  Admin



Senior Therapist Libby

I’m back!

Seems like only yesterday since I last saw you all!

Nine months went so fast. I can hardly remember what I was like before I created my best work of art, my baby boy, Lincoln. It's true what they say; rest as much as possible and do the things you enjoy before your little bundle arrives. I never fully understood those very wise words until about 4 months into motherhood (4 months was when I said I'd be back at work – Ha!)

Almost eight months on and for the first time I have just painted my toe nails! This is not because I haven’t wanted to; don’t get me wrong, I have. I have often thought of putting some color on them as being a beauty therapist who previously would change her manicure/pedicure every week this feels like a life time, but I have chosen not to as the 20, 30 or 60 minutes that my son naps are filled with the day to day house work and the thought of him waking up and me not being able to roll around on the floor or let him bump into my feet while he speeds around the house in his racing car is not an option. My nails have just taken a back seat …Until now that is!  I'm back and back to work. My priorities have changed yes but I'm also finding me again. Some of the ‘old’ me mixed with some of the ‘new’ me to make the ‘mommy me’. It's time to paint those toes. Do those eyebrows and dare I say it have a massage!

Being as its nearly Mothers Day and my first Mothers Day I wanted to remind all you yummy mummies to have some ‘ME’ time too. Its ok! A fabulous lady called Anna Jarvis in 1908 had the wonderful idea of creating a day in which mothers and all things “mum” should be celebrated. The way I see it, it would be rude letting this wonderful lady who created this day down.  So… take a few seconds, close your eyes and imagine yourself at Esqué on our very comforting waterbeds. Lights are dimmed and gentle music is playing in the background. Pick your top 3 or 5 or all the treatments if you fancy (heck why not!). What do you choose?

For a little help and inspiration, below are my recommendations  for all different kinds of Mothers Day treats for the beautiful mummies to be at Esqué. The New Yummy Mummies (like me!) and the Super Mummies with quite frankly real super powers that have managed life with a child in tow or with more then one little bundle of joy!

Beautiful Mummies To Be- (I have been there, done that and I’ve got the hugs! Please don’t be worried if you are feeling delicate. We will take you under our Esque wings). 

  • Mummy to be massage- 65 mins of a calm and gentle relaxing massage for you and your baby. Give your baby its first massage. It’s amazing when your little one responds to the light movements from your tummy being massaged. I had a few of these while I was pregnant and now Lincoln finds massage music very soothing and a massage before bed very relaxing. I’m convinced this is the reason.
  • First class Pedicure- Exfoliated then massaged feet. Nails and cuticles clipped and shaped to perfection then painted- maybe even a Gel Polish applied for extra longevity!
  • Bikini Waxing- Getting prepared for the big day this was something that was very important to me. Having my bikini line done gave me a little bit more confidence. (I have done a lot of waxing for pregnant ladies (and been one myself!) so please, if you are unsure, pop in and see me).

Yummy Mummies-

  • Esque Signature treatment- Stuck for time? In a rush but need some ‘ME’ time this is the golden ticket. 70mins, which include a Nourishing  Facial, beautiful back cleanse and massage and some TLC for your feet but in one beautifully flowing treatment. You will lose yourself in complete tranquility.
  • Gelish hands and feet- No need to worry about washing your hands 1000 times day, chucking the washing in the washing machine or getting nail vanish in your little ones hair! This instantly dry nail polish will be dry when you leave and last up to 3 maybe 4 weeks! Amazing.
  • Pure shape- Post baby body – help that loose skin, stubborn pockets of fat or water retention. For our beloved orange peel aka cellulite worries this is THE treatment. Using the latest technologies in body sculpting, during a course of this fab treatment we can significantly change the way you look and feel about your body.  


Super Mummies – You deserve every single treatment… Twice!

  • Caci facelift – The celebrity ‘must have’ treatment and one of my favorite treatments to do. Caci lifts and tones your facial muscles. Fantastic for round the eyes and neck. Smooth’s fine lines and wrinkles too - Win Win!
  • IMAGE Advanced Intensive Facials- This is a skin treat that will change the way you see your skincare. Treating anything from pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, sensitivity and redness, acne and lots more. These peels gently and effectively resurface the skin and peel away skin that is damaged or is not needed on the surface. (Not as scary as it sounds I promise). Skin peels are the best way to get super smooth delicious skin. (A course of peels are recommended)

I’m asking you to give yourself permission to stop. Rest and have a little ‘ME’ time.  Give your mind some down time too. I recently read a quote - “A woman’s mind should be the most beautiful part of her”.

Becoming a mum is hands down the best and most heart fulfilling thing I have ever done and wouldn’t change it for the world but it's important to remember that I am a person and not just a Mummy … Mother’s day is that time. I say grab it. With both hands and feet and squeeze the hell out of it.

I hope to see you soon. We can talk babies or we don’t have to talk at all.

P.S. Extra Bonus – Buy an Esqué gift experience before March 6th and get a FREE cupcake voucher from the fabulous Sweet As.

Love Libby x 

Esqué Senior Therapist