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Is that the summer hiding behind these rain clouds?

Monday, 4 April 2016  |  Admin



Esqué Therapist Emily

Tanning. Pure Ice. Pure Firme.

Is that the summer hiding behind these rain clouds?

As the first signs of sunshine are streaming through my bedroom window warming my lily white pins a horrifying thought stirs. At some point in 2016 the sun will be out and I will be in floaty summer dresses. After indulging in lazy Sundays hiding from the rain this gal needs some motivation! No longer will I be able to get away with hiding my glow in the dark limbs behind knits and tights. One simply must channel the Queen of the summer…Beyoncé.


Whilst scrubbing away my winter skin hoard and no holiday to Barbados on the cards one must fake it until you make it. My fail safe is our express tan(£32). You only need 4 hours until you can shower it off. Perfect.No need to change your beautiful expensive sheets or worry about tanning the unsuspecting partner innocently slumbering a little too close to you (whoopsie)! Once my limbs are suitably tanned things are feeling a little more on track!

p.s. if you have a special little dress to wear please let us know. We are contouring magicians!

p.p.s. we are not held responsible for any wolf whistles a jolly good tan brings.

p.p.p.s. obviously any pruning will need to be dealt with at least 24 hours previously.



If after scrubbing and tanning there are those stubborn areas which not even your lobster faced hours in the gym aren’t shifting we have a solution…it requires a good trashy mag, a good hour of your time and only in April £99 (normally £149)

Pure ice will freeze your fat cells to minus 8. Not cold enough to do any damage to any of your other important organs but cold enough to strike fear into your fat cells! The fat cells which after freezing now resemble brittle will be exiled to your liver where they are evicted from your summer bod.


  • This means by the time you have your summer hols you will have 20% – 40% less 
  • fat cells in the treated area. 20% – 40% more strut in your stride and feel 20% – 40% better in that floaty gorgeous dress.


p.s. You will need a half hour consultation beforehand so we are both on the same page.

p.p.s. As your liver doesn’t like to be rushed results can take up to 12 weeks.

Love Emily x 

Esqué Therapist