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Why You Should Take Time To Look After Yourself!!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016  |  Admin


Esqué Therapist Paola

Why You Should Take Time To Look After Yourself!!!

Every day when you wake up do you feel like you hit the ground running? Are you struggling to keep up with the “Frenetic” pace of working & home life? By the evening are you exhausted with sore muscles, swollen feet and tired legs? Then it’s time to make a change & start looking after yourself!


There are so many benefits from having a regular massage, it is so good for your body & soul!

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is rich in sensory nerve endings. It is soft enough to allow movement, but tough enough to resist breaking or tearing.

When you have a massage it stimulates the production of endorphins (your happy hormones), therefore helping to alleviate stress & can prevent depression. That's why here at Esque we study every little detail to make each massage a unique & relaxing experience.

Have you ever tried the Esque Signature Treatment? It's the perfect balance of face and body pampering over 70 minutes! A soothing massage over back and shoulders, scalp massage with pressure point and hair stroking will relieve any aches or tension. Deep cleansing back exfoliation will eliminate toxins, and a hot towel and foot massage will leave you relaxed & ready to take on the world! While the nourishing facial treatment will help your skin look amazing.
Does your body feel tired and fatigued with muscle pain??
If the answer is yes then the 70 minute Hot Stone Body Massage is perfect for you!
The blend of warm stones and luxury massage oil makes this treatment unique.
For thousands of years the polished basalt stones have been used for healing purposes by the ancient North America Indians and by the Egyptians. It will leave you feeling relaxed & at ease!

There are so many other gorgeous treatments waiting for you at Esque!
I cannot wait to see you!

 Love Paola x