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Time For A Change!

Monday, 22 August 2016  |  Admin

Esqué Therapist Romi

Time For A Change

Have you ever realised how much your skin changes from season to season?

Outside in summertime we’re exposed to strong sun, high temperatures & rain, whilst inside your skin is blasted with cold air from air conditioning units. All of these factors are affecting the condition of your skin.

There are many other reasons why your skin may be changing & keeping your skin healthy is something we should all try to do! If your skin has changed always consider your diet, how much you drink, exercise, sleep, medicines and hormonal issues. Skin is like a mirror of harmony and balance inside of the body.

Sunny days and higher temperature are triggers for skin irritation but you should always use an SPF 30+ through all seasons to prevent skin from unwanted pigmentation and broken capillaries.

For good skin health try using a basic cleaning & moisturising routine every morning and evening to protect your skin from free radical damage and pollution. For more intense home care results you could then add a prescribed serum, gentle scrub and mask to your routine.

If you’ve tried the products you have at home and you’re till not seeing any change, come in for a Skin Consultation with Digital Skin Scan £29 (redeemable on 2 or more skincare purchases). You will get a detailed analysis using digital technology and your experienced therapist will guide you as to what treatments and homecare you should/could be using. Never worry about asking us for help with your skin, we’re here to teach you how to make it glow!

Are you looking for something different? Go for Diamond Microdermabrasion, from £44. It can reveal skin radiance and natural luminosity while reducing your fine lines and rejuvenating your skin all within 30 minutes! Whether you struggle with skin discoloration, are acne-prone, scarred or wrinkled, Microdermabrasion can definitely help. We use unique diamond wands to polish the surface of the skin, vacuuming dull dead skin cells away in a safe and controlled manner - like an after summer clean for your face!

Be prepared for another season!

Lots of love 

Romi x